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  • A Welcome Change: Mental Health Issues Lose Their Stigma at Every Age May 16, 2024

    From unmentionable to oft discussed, American attitudes toward mental health have made a seismic shift over the years. It’s heartening to see recent polls showing 87% of U.S. adults agree having a mental health disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, and 86% saying people with mental health disorders can get better. Seeking help from ...

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  • Mental Health in Children May 16, 2024

    Age of Innocence – Or Anxiety for Today’s Kids?

    From loud claps of thunder to dogs that can bite, a child’s world is filled with new, sometimes scary experiences. However, if fears can’t be managed with reassurance or distraction and persistently interfere with daily activities, your child may have an anxiety disorder. These most common childhood ...

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  • Mental Health in Adolescent & Young Adults May 16, 2024

    Drugs, Drinking & Depression: The Kids May Not Be Alright

    Every generation has seen their share of thrill-seeking teens acting out and making dubious choices regarding drugs and alcohol. “There’s a normative aspect to risk taking at this age,” assures clinical psychologist Gilly Kahn. “It’s hardwired into our systems to allow us to learn our place ...

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