Many Happy Returns: Back to School Webinar with Dr. Julia Stanford

As parents and children prepare for a back-to-school season following a year like no other, new questions are emerging about COVID safety, health and wellness, along with a confusing swirl of extremely mixed emotions regarding re-entry.

In this important presentation, highly respected internist and pediatrician Dr. Julia Stanford compassionately illuminates the issues families are concerned about most, bringing the wisdom of more than two decades of experience caring for the Northern Virginia community.

In the webinar, Dr. Stanford focuses on helping children and teenagers cope with typical back-to-school anxiety and stress which may be exacerbated in our uncertain environment.

Dr. Stanford also covers:

  • Up-to-date recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and local public schools regarding: vaccinations, masking, testing, dealing with exposure to COVID-19
  • What we’ve learned over the past year about the impact of the pandemic on children
  • Current science regarding the virus and COVID vaccines, as they relate to children
  • Helping children with special needs
  • Safe participation in sports and other activities
  • Perspectives on staying strong physically with nutrition and movement
  • Identifying signs of mental health challenges across the age spectrum
  • Coping strategies for younger children and teenagers
  • …and an open invitation for audience questions

Thank you to all who attended our webinars!

Following are some excellent online resources for additional back to school information:

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